Remington MODEL 700 BDL BOX MAGAZINE LONG ACTION - .25-06. .270. .280. .30-06 4 SHOTS

by Remington


Always smart to carry a spare. When out shooting, no one likes taking the time to reload the magazine time after time. Having multiple extra magazines pre-loaded, you can maximize your time at the range and spend less time reloading. As with all Remington factory gun parts, our magazines are factory tested and approved, ideal for the demanding, high-volume use you require. High quality steel housing and follower. Made in the USA.


  • Long Action Magazine
  • Fits 25-06, .270, .280 and .30-06
  • Capacity: 4 standard cartridges
  • Quick release/removal with thumb and forefinger
  • Fast insertion of pre-loaded clips; Locks firmly during use
  • Convenient means of carrying extra ammunition

May not be exactly as pictured.

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