Tripp Cobra Mag 7R-45-WG

by Tripp Research Inc.
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The 7R-45-WG Tripp magazine was modeled off the original Browning design of a flush fit for full size government length grip. Increased features include our upgraded spring and follower design.

1911 Magazine


Size: For use with Government Full Sized pistols measuring MORE than 3" center to center on grip screws

Round Capacity: 7 Rounds

Basepad: Welded Stainless Steel Floorplate // Standard drilled/tapped holes on bottom to receive screw on bumper pad

Follower: (FOL-HYB-.45) Hybrid Follower Polymer base and inset metal cap for "metal on metal" slide lock

Spring: (MS-14C.042) 14 coils .042 diameter spring


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