Wolff Gunsprings - Colt 1911 Longslide Recoil Calibration Pak 13191

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Recoil Springs - 1911 Longslide Modifications

Longslide modifications to 1911 pistols often require a longer than normal recoil spring. Wolff longslide recoil springs are designed for use in pistols with recoil spaces up to 3" (when slide is in full recoil position). 5 different strength recoil springs are available denoted as #1 thru #5. Due to the custom nature of these modifications, no rating for these springs is possible. The #1 recoil spring is the strongest and #5 is the lightest. Fitting of these springs is required. Professional installation suggested.

13301 - Colt 1911 Longslides - Recoil Spring #1
13302 -  Colt 1911 Longslides - Recoil Spring #2
13303 -  Colt 1911 Longslides - Recoil Spring #3
13304 -  Colt 1911 Longslides - Recoil Spring #4
13305 - Colt 1911 Longslides - Recoil Spring #5

Recoil Calibration Pak

This pak contains 1 each of the above longslide recoil springs #1 thru #5 to allow complete customization of the recoil function.  Three extra power firing pin springs are also included.

Complete installation instructions are available on Wollf Gunsprings website here: Click here for installation instructions

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